Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emmylou's costume revealed!

I've been swearing to Gary that I'd update the blog but I've been a little preoccupied the last few nights finishing Emmylou's costume. It had to be finished by last night because her class had their costume parade this morning. So, here she is before we left the house (ta-da!):

Then, at school her class paraded into the chapel for their little performance:

I really like how her teacher is carrying her wig in their drink caddy.

All was well until Emmylou saw her friend Annie's bride costume. When we got home this afternoon she informed me that she was going to be a bride for Halloween. I said "Oh, really? Next year?" And she said, "no, in four days."


Pumpkins, Part 2

We met up with the Rileys, of course :)
Miller definitely thought the best part was pretending to drive the church's golf cart that had a bunch of stinky bags of trash in it.

Pumpkin time again...

We've been pretty busy lately getting ready for Halloween, Daddy's 40th birthday and Lizzie's wedding but we've still had a little time to stop and smell the pumpkins.

We went out to Sweet Berry Farm again a couple of weeks ago with Grammie.

Check out this FAIL we saw!

More pumpkins to come...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New vocabulary

Emmylou's been picking up a few phrases from Gary lately. The other day she grabbed the gate that keeps Miller out of the hallway and told me "let's put this bad boy up." Then last night at Guero's Gary gave her some hot sauce and she told me he really hooked her up. Geesh!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Personal training

When push-ups aren't hard enough by themselves, just ask a 35 pound toddler to lay on your back to take it up a notch.

And don't forget the jumping jacks...


Here's what happens when you squat in the driveway, lose your balance and end up doing a somersault on the concrete:

And here's Miller looking a bit happier and more carefree recently:

He loves to put on hats and he spends most of his days walking around with a golf club in his hand. I seriously could eat him up.