Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last weekend

We spent last weekend having fun at PawPaw and Nana's house.

We loved getting to go swimming for the first time this summer!

And on Saturday night we enjoyed a delicious crawfish and seafood boil. Look how brave Emmylou was with those vicious creatures!
Speaking of vicious creatures, geese aren't the nicest animals, in case you didn't know. Apparently grey geese will attack for little reason, but Ernie, the big white goose, will do his best to protect you.

Along with feathery friends, PawPaw has quite a menagerie of heavy machinery. A little boy I know was quite taken with all of the specimens. Fortunately he was much braver than last time.

Thanks so much for the fun time, PawPaw and Nana!

Guacamole man

The stars and/or universe must have aligned just right the other day because for once Miller decided he liked guacamole. He couldn't get enough of it.

But by now I know better than to believe he'll make a habit out of liking anything remotely healthy. Tonight he wouldn't touch the stuff. My guess is that he'll like it again in another 7 or 8 tries.

Ha! I'm figuring you out, Little Man!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Disney Schmisney

Disney On Ice was here in Austin this week so Grammie and I took Emmylou and Miller to see it Thursday night.

The show included a segment of Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and some Tinkerbell story I couldn't quite follow (but was E's favorite part, natch).

Miller loved Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and the rest of the Cars crew. It was exciting; they drove around in... a circle.
Here's Ariel from when she was still a mermaid, before she traded her voice to Ursula for some legs. Pretty good splits for someone with a tail, dontchathink?
I was so pleased to see that the Sebastian costume was so similar to the lobster dog costume I made Miller wear last Halloween!

I'll admit it, The Lion King part was pretty awesome.

Intermission: time for a $12 snowball (and don't forget the $2 straw!). Thanks, Grammie, for buying Emmylou the ridiculously expensive crap I wouldn't pay for!
Oh, and the ridiculously expensive Tinkerbell souvenir shoes...Back to the show with Tinkerbell and some odd hatchet-lamp thingie...

My friend Bethany blogged about Disney on Ice a couple of weeks ago (see her post on 4/15/2010) and I'm so glad she prepared me for the unbelievably overpriced merchandise! Really, it is insane.

My recommendation to anyone else who may go: get the cheap tickets and bring a grandparent!

Why, hello, Easter Bunny!

Easter 2010:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Even though today is Earth Day, we got to celebrate it yesterday at the Farmer's Market at the Triangle. And really, shouldn't every day be Earth Day? *head tilt*

We met up with Grammie and Emily and the Rileys came too.

I think Emmylou might be asking for a pet snail soon...

Tripp liked them too but wasn't quite as ready to take one home as Emmylou was.

When not snail-wrangling, Emmylou also attempted to climb up the tire rainbow.

Waiting her turn... (success!)
Beginning the climb... (success!)

Almost to the top... (success!)
At the very top... (Notsomuch success.) Abort! Abort! I ended up pulling her down right through one of those tires.
Quick! What do you find most interesting about this picture?
Was it the tattooed girl's visible buttcrack or the pink poodle in the background? Shouldn't this be some type of personality test or something?

And here's what I kept saying the whole time we were there: "Has anyone seen Miller?" I only lost him once but that kid is fast.