Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It amazes me that Emmylou can get on my computer (on and play for what seems like hours without any help at all. Yesterday I showed her how to enter her name for one game and here's what she was able to do without any help today:

So close! What a smarty pants. Here's another example of how she thinks outside of the box (by getting inside the box):
And when she isn't busy being (almost) completely brilliant, she enjoys jumping on the furniture with her brother.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eeyore!

Alex has been in town from Vegas for the past few days and we've had a great time hanging out with her. Yesterday we went to Eeyore's Birthday Party! This was the 46th annual party and I really can't believe I've never been before. Actually, I take that back. I think Emily and I tried going one year in college and turned around after being scared off by all the um, interesting people we encountered. I guess now I've just been in Austin long enough to embrace these folks.

Turns out the festival caters to two very specific demographics: fairy-costume-wearing-hallucinogenic drug-lovers and kids! Perfect!

First things first: Alex treated Emmylou to some face painting and even got beautified herself:

After a little while, Emmylou's new friend Rhea came too! She asked for a beautiful mermaid on her face. 

Just a sampling of Eeyore's "colorful" friends:
And here's what Miller thought of the party:

In other Alex-related news, I've been meaning to post a link to her new blog, Recession Recipes. Alex and Carlo are fabulous cooks and they've been making some awesome looking dishes that I'm dying to try. What a bonus that they are super-affordable! If you haven't seen it yet, CLICK HERE!

New tricks

Guess who's getting his crib lowered tomorrow?

So proud of himself! (He actually sleeps in the Pack and Play in the office so don't worry that he'll be falling out tonight.)

Oh, and guess who suddenly wants her picture taken as soon as Miller's getting his taken? Notice how she skillfully blocks almost every bit of him.

And this last photo is for Bethany because she commented about Miller's hair in the last post. I seriously wish you all could rub his head. In the last few days it has really puffed up and is so irresistibly velvety soft. 

I invite you all to participate in a virtual head-rubbing:

Ah, now don't you feel better?


Since Gary's in Alabama for Talladega this weekend, I thought I'd post a pic of his son driving his own little (NAS)car.

Gary texted yesterday to say he was heading to the winner's circle to give the winner a computer. I had my camera all set up to capture it but it ended up not being televised. :-( Maybe we'll get a shot I can post later.

And more big news for Miller: I think he's close to crawling and he's really starting to pull up! He loves to be on his feet. 

Big guy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, you probably know by now that when there hasn't been a post in a while that means things are probably, um... not going so great. Let me try to sum up the past few weeks.  

First, Miller spent an entire week really fussy and not sleeping through the night because he was getting his first tooth. And as soon as that tooth came in, he spent the following week getting his second tooth. Good times.

Within minutes that Miller got over the second tooth, Emmylou surprised me with a 101 degree fever out of nowhere and continued to run between 102 to 105 for FIVE days straight, culminating in (yet another) trip to the emergency room- taken by Gary- which I only heard about as I was driving home through torrential downpours to and from Conroe for my grandmother's funeral. The hospital sent Emmylou home saying it was just a virus (which is what the doctor had said when I took her in on Wednesday) and that she'd just have to weather it out. They took a chest x-ray "just because she was there" but didn't see anything on it.

The following day the ER called to say they had changed their minds and that Emmylou did, in fact, have pneumonia, could you please put her on antibiotics strong enough for a horse? So she finally started to get well again as Gary and I tag-teamed caring for her and Miller over a family reunion weekend filled with all kinds of activities. 

Now Miller's sick.

Luckily, he seems to be getting better already and hasn't had a fever higher than 100 degrees. 

And, with all my complaining, we really have had some fun times lately. Emmylou loved Easter and the family reunion was a blast. I'm also thinking my sanity might improve soon because I just quit my job on Friday- I had picked up a couple of home health patients over the past six weeks. 

I promise to post some more photos soon, but for now I'll leave you with some Easter pics... Thanks to Mimi for the cute personalized jammies and to PawPaw and Nana for the fancy-shmancy duds!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Skipper

Here's Miller out on the boat at Grammie's lakehouse, where we spent the last few days. I have lots more photos to post but they'll have to come later when I get a little more free time...