Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zilker train

We've been trying to take advantage of the nice weather in Austin lately, before it turns nuclear hot and I start sweating from the mere thought of standing outside. On Monday we got the Rileys to join us for a train ride at Zilker park before heading to lunch at Shady Grove.

And since Em got out of jury duty a little early, she surprised Emmylou and Miller by meeting us there!

What is Miller thinking?
He LOVED holding onto the railings with his super Vulcan death grip.
And isn't this look on Tate's face priceless? It was pretty loud inside the tunnel near the end of the ride with all those kids hootin' and hollerin' in there.

South Padre

Me and my children last weekend with a ridiculous amount of flotation devices:

Emmylou is 3 years and two months

Dear Emmylou,

Another month has passed us by and you continue to become such a little person with your own thoughts and reasoning and logic. This past month you've really started putting things together and making connections across situations and experiences.

You're working on understanding the concept of time and although you had been telling us things happened "yestertime," I've noticed that lately you're able to pin it down to "yesterday." You love to tell me things happened "last week" or "on Friday" even if they happened only a few hours ago. You are always asking me things like, "do you remember when we were just at the beach?" You seem to be trying so hard to make sense of everything and get it (somewhat) in order.

Your favorite things to do right now are dress up (of course), chew gum, dance and sing and play Grammie's piano. Over the past few days you've become re-interested in your baby doll, who you've named "Muchas Gracias." You've also started retelling your favorite stories, most of them recast with a new heroine named "Emmylou."

You continue to be a great big sister to Miller. You're really helping me more and you want to make sure he has everything he needs. It's been so nice that I can ask you to go and see what Miller wants when he's starting to fuss and not worry that you're going to smother him to death. You really do care about him and I don't think I'll ever forget watching you watching him get his last round of shots at the doctor's office. You were gasping with your hands over your mouth as he got his shots and cried and then you took his hand and told him over and over that it would stop hurting soon and that everything would be okay.

You have such a sweet heart, Emmylou, and even when things are crazy I am grateful for every single day and moment I have with you. You are so worth all the exhaustion, frustration and headaches associated with having a three year old-- I wouldn't trade our time together for anything.

Seriously... couldn't love you more,

With a bucket of "dirt" and worms you made as a special treat for Daddy yesterday:

Monday, May 11, 2009

And it begins...

While I was doing the breakfast dishes, I heard something fall over in the living room. I turned around to see that our wooden end table had been knocked down, with Emmylou nearby and Miller a good six feet away. When I asked Emmylou what happened, she said, "Miller kicked it over."

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Confirmed: Too much computer time

One of Emmylou's favorite new things to do is to stand in the middle of our living room and say, "Mommy, use your mouse to help me move from side to side. Press the spacebar to make me jump."

So then I move an imaginary mouse so she can walk around the furniture and I press my imaginary spacebar to make her jump over Miller's toys. Just FYI, my imaginary mouse and spacebar come with sound effects.

Cinco de Tomorrow

That's what Emmylou keeps calling "Cinco de Mayo," but she's actually right because her class isn't celebrating the holiday until tomorrow. Since she did go to school on the 5th, I got her to wear this Mexican dress/top when she went. Of course since it wasn't her idea to wear it, some negotiations ensued and, yes, she ended up getting to wear the boots to school. Sorry, Miss Patti!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Eeyore, revisited

Alex sent these photos to me from our day together at Phil's and Eeyore's party and since they're so much better than mine, pretend you didn't see the others. :-)

Oh, and here's Miller having a bit of a diaper issue. Of course I couldn't find a clean diaper in my bag (despite it weighing at least 30 pounds) so he had to suffer while we cracked up. Poor Miller!
Thanks, Alex, these are great!

Coming soon to a museum near you!

Thursday night was the Art Show at Emmylou's school!

I'm not sure what these are, but for 3 year olds beads + popsicle sticks + glue = big fun.
And with Tripp and Miss Patti...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Miller is [gasp!] 8 months old!

Dear Miller,

Happy 8 month birthday! So I missed last month's update because things were a little, uh, hectic. Right at 7 months you got your first tooth and then a week later you got your second. A two-for-one special! Here's what else you've been busy doing...

Tonight you had your first "meat" dinner: macaroni and cheese with beef. You seemed to like it which is a real plus because up until now you haven't been crazy about anything that's not sweet. Yes to applesauce, bananas, peaches and sweet potatoes. No to peas, green beans, squash and carrots. We'll keep trying those.

I'll be generous and say you're an okay sleeper. Some nights you're great and others pretty bad, for no rhyme or reason. Last night you slept 12 hours straight so I'm preparing for at least 3 middle of the night sessions with you tonight. You're a light sleeper so I don't get to check on you as much as I'd like once you fall asleep, but I have noticed that you like to sleep on your tummy now as opposed to your side like you did all last month. Seeing you cuddled up like that was almost too much!

You are happy and smiley most of the time and absolutely can't wait to get moving. Apparently the thing I resemble most to you these days is a jungle gym because you can't be near me for more than 2 seconds without trying to pull up onto your feet and start climbing. When you get up you immediately smile with your newfound strength and independence. (I'm sure you've caught me beaming with pride as well.)

I confess that I'm feeling a bit guilty because I quit breastfeeding you last week. I really tried to keep at it but once you got those teeth you went straight into piranha mode and I just couldn't take it! But you seem to like formula as much as or even more than what I was giving you, so I'm thinking you're going to do just fine.

I took you to the doctor on Thursday for your checkup and here's what your stats were:
Weight: 18 lbs., 3 oz. (25th-50th percentile)
Height: 27" (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 75th percentile.

You are growing and babbling and laughing more and more every day! Daddy and I love seeing your funny and sweet personality developing. You're still enamored with Emmylou and light up any time she goes near you. Lately the two of you have started playing together on the floor and it is too cute! I wonder how long that'll last...

I think I tell you "I love you" a thousand times a day, whispering in your ear when I hold you close and feel your soft head on my cheek. It is pure sweetness and joy and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I can't wait to see what this next month brings, I know we have big changes in store for us soon.

I love you so much, my little guy!