Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011 Wrap-Up

As usual, Halloween was a 7-day event this year. I think the kids dressed up in their costumes five separate times. Even Gary and I dressed up three or four times.

The week started with Miller's Pumpkin Parade at school...

Back in the classroom with Cinderella:
Miller then proceeded to wear his T-Rex costume every single day around the house (and, um, sometimes out, too), several days past Halloween.
Last-minute Halloween day Jack-O-Lantern carving:
Sweet Alice:
Silly Alice:

T-Rexes only have 2 fingers, ya know.

Out trick-or-treating on Halloween night:

Princess Leia (Delaney- our new neighbor!) walked down to our street so we could trick-or-treat together:

Candy + Grammie = Miller's favorite combination
Lou with her stash:

Finally, in their super cute Halloween PJs from Mimi!
And here are Gary and I as Bonnie and Clyde at the Sammy's House Gala:
(reference photo, just in case...)

And Emily and I as Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice at the Goodwill Ghoulwill Ball!
You might have seen them before... ;)
Eugenie also made an appearance on our street during trick-or-treating... We were honored.