Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What the grinch teaches children

Even though it's still not even Thanksgiving, Emmylou and Miller are all excited about Christmas. I shamelessly fed their excitement tonight and let them watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Right after the ending I asked both of them--who were sitting slack-jawed on the couch staring at the credits-- "so what did that teach you? What is Christmas really all about?"

Their responses:

Miller: "Getting a choo-choo."
Emmylou: "Candy."

At least we have a little time to work on this.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First day...

For Miller to wear underwear!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Waking up with Lola

Our heater's broken and being replaced tomorrow, so we've been shacking up with Grammie for the last few cold nights. Lola especially loved last night because she got to snuggle with Emmylou. Lucky dog!

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Not-so-strange bedfellows

Look who I found all cuddled up in Miller's bed... I knew it!!*

*Obviously not that it matters one way or the other to us. :)

And, P.S., if you can't tell, I finally got the new iPhone and am thrilled with the improved camera on it. I'm hoping that means I can post more spontaneously now!

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Tuckered out

I guess the Halloween festivities really wore Miller out- he fell asleep in the shopping cart on Monday.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween IV

Once we got home from the Riley's party, we decided to trick or treat at a couple of houses on our own street just to say hi to the neighbors.

Not exactly sure what's going on with Spidey here except that I'm pretty sure he was chewing some candy and that a new diaper was in order...
Here's what happens when you eat too much candy!
We all look kind of exhausted, don't you think?

Checking out the stash...
And this, my friends, concludes Halloween 2010.

Thank. God.

Adios, Halloween candy!

Monday night the Switch Witch struck again. In case you don't remember, I signed Emmylou and Miller up for it when they were born in the hospital. They are each allowed to keep 5 pieces of candy and then we put the rest out for the Switch Witch who trades them diabetes candy for a toy. This year was a huge success as Emmylou's been saving up for a big Jessie doll for months and thought she'd have to wait until Christmas to get it. I guess we didn't leave out quite enough candy since Daddy didn't get the iPad he was hoping for!

The next morning: Score!

Run for the Water

Since we didn't think there was enough going on this Halloween weekend, we decided to enter the Run for the Water, a race that gives a person in Burundi a lifetime of water with every registration. Isn't that cool? They have a 10 mile race, a 5K and a kids 1K walk. I did the 5K and Emmylou and I did the 1K together. I was so excited for her to run her first real race and she really loved it. Her friends Tripp and Charlie did it too and we were so proud of Ms. Elizabeth for running her first race ever!

Halloween III

Halloween night we went to the Riley's neighborhood party that included a pizza party at Ski Shores and a combo trick-or-treating hayride afterward. It was so luxurious being driven around to the lakefront homes so they could shower us with candy!

Here's Emmylou standing in the costume contest at Ski Shores. I couldn't believe it- she was beaten out by Ariel! If only they'd seen her last year... Her disappointment in not winning was quickly forgotten once the pinata was cracked.
The prince and princess on the hayride:
Cinderella and Spidey...
The look on E's face in this pic totally cracks me up:

Thanks, Rileys! We had a blast!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Daddy's birthday at Phil's

Between getting ready for Halloween and Gary being swamped at work, we didn't have much time to throw together a formal birthday party for him. So we just went over to Phil's Saturday night for some burgers and ice cream. The kids just loved playing with him on the playground!

Halloween II: Charlie and Kate's party

Charlie (Buzz Lightyear) and Kate (Dorothy) had a party on Friday night at their house. It was so much fun! The kids played games and even the parents dressed up.

Emmylou was the first to get an apple! (Yes, 4 year-olds are allowed to cheat and bite the stems.)

She was so proud of herself!
That apple and this carrot were the last healthy things she ate for at least the next 72 hours.

Kristin and Carlos:
Bela, Tripp, Sofia and Emmylou:
The mommies... (and yes, I was Cinderella this year- my motto with those damn Disney princesses? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)
England football player, Wonder Woman, Super Man, construction worker and Prince Charming just sitting around having a bite...

Our contribution to the menu: pretzel ladies' fingers, man toes and kid digits and we also made these cupcakes:
Lots of treats:
Coming down off the sugar high:
The Amazing Spiderman's Worst. Meltdown. Ever. (on his way to the bathtub once we got home)

Halloween I

Emmylou's school had their annual Halloween parade on Thursday of last week, kicking off a seemingly endless string of Halloween costume-wearing occasions. I'm starting to wonder if Halloween is going to be bigger than Christmas pretty soon! With all the other Halloween activities we've had, Emmylou and Miller both ended up wearing their costumes on 3 of the last 4 days. At least we got our money's worth out of the costumes this year.

Anyway, most of my photos of the "parade" (i.e., a quick walk around the perimeter of the chapel) came out blurry, so here's the best one of E in her Belle costume with her wig (Tripp's the green army man from Toy Story):Once in the chapel, her class sang a Halloween song. Her teachers were dressed as Snow White and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.


And the best surprise? Gary had gotten stuck in California on business but ended up flying all night on a last-minute flight just so he could come to the school for the show! He got there just in time.