Friday, February 27, 2009

As if more photos were needed...

I stole these from my cousin Amy's FaceBook page (thanks, Amy!).

Emmylou and Jacob on their own float in the backyard:
A few of us taking a rest between parades outside by the fire:

The sign that says it all. Sadly, this may really have been the last year. [sniffle, sniffle]
Emmylou and Jacob:
E's newly discovered talent: balancing a toilet plunger (caught during the Tucks parade) on her head.
Miller working the sign (as if he needed to!):
More silliness in the street from Grammie and Donna Jean:
And a couple of celebrity sightings: Val Kilmer was king of Bacchus (he's the one under that shiny crown),and Eli Manning walking right in front of our house to his dad's house 2 blocks down.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009: Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Warning: This post contains a ridiculous number of photos

We survived another Mardi Gras!

We left last Thursday in our sweet ride: a rented silver-blue Kia minivan. Here's Emmylou during the 12 hour trip which should have taken 9.

In all honesty, both kids did really well (considering) but you should probably ask Kirk (who we picked up in Houston on the way) what he thought as an outsider. I considered anything less than 5 complete meltdowns a roaring success.

We got there Thursday night just in time for the Chaos and Muses parades which we usually don't see, and this year was no different because the kiddos were both too exhausted to make it through more than two floats. On Friday Emmylou and Miller got some Daddy/Kirk time while I went to the Quarter with Emily, Sharon and Leslie and met up with Mom, Donna and the rest of that crew. We (of course) ended up at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone, Felix's for chargrilled oysters and then at Pat O's piano bar after watching the Hermes guys parade down Bourbon Street in their suits.

Friday night we didn't have much more success with the kids and the parades. Emmylou liked getting up on the ladder and catching beads and stuffed animals, but once she had one or two of each she was pretty much done. That night we managed to miss the majority of Hermes, Krewe d'Etat and Morpheus.

Saturday and Sunday were a little better and Emmylou had the best time playing with all of the kids who were at the house. Here's a photo of her playing with Zack and Jacob, her second cousins once-removed (or something like that). I know this is a horrible picture but trust me, the kids were in constant motion and I'm not sure I could've gotten a better one (Amy, did you?).

E out on the sidewalk with some beads:
During one of the day parades:
Donna (with her trusty bead-getting paddle), Sharon and Grammie waiting for the next float:
Emmylou and Ella getting into it a little more:
"Ooh, big pink beads!"
Aunt Emmy and me with Miller. That Baby Bjorn was a lifesaver!
Mardi Gras Rule #32: Cute babies are bead magnets! I caught more beads this year than I have in the last 5 combined (and managed to not drop him as I was diving for them!).
Em and Emmylou had matching Metro Three 'Red Beans and Rice' shirts on:
Miller sporting his purple, green and gold onesie Grammie got him:
On Sunday Emmylou got the baby in the king cake!
Miller out waiting for the parade again:
Dress-up Sunday! I think we might be the only people who do this but it just wouldn't seem right to not wear the tackiest purple, green and gold clothing we could find on Sunday now.
Here's where Gary passed out, I mean slept, just about every night. I never knew my Boppy breastfeeding pillow was so versatile.

On Monday when there weren't parades during the day, we went to the Audubon Zoo. It was seriously the best zoo experience I have ever had- and I love the zoo. Not only was it the most gorgeous day, all the animals were out and so close. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the passes, Gina!

Mr. Giraffe and Baby Giraffe with a possible relative in the background:
Disgusting nutria which manage to look a lot less disgusting when placed in a zoo habitat:
Which might become dinner for these guys:

The best part of the zoo? The carousel! Emmylou rode on the zebra,
the white alligator,

and the elephant.
Miller liked our giraffe souvenir:
We got home in time for Orpheus, our favorite parade. Here's the cast of Reno 911 on one of the floats. I don't think Harry Connick, Jr. was in it this year.

Donna enjoyed flirting with some handsome devils:
Yes, her sign says "Do you fool around?" She got lots of smiles and winks...

Miller and Daddy in front of the largest float in Mardi Gras history: Smokey Mary that we used to ride on!

Possibly my favorite: Leviathon:
And we caught 2 stuffed Leviathons from it!
We ended up leaving a day early (on Fat Tuesday) but not before Emmylou had a chance to wear her princess costume.

"See ya next year, folks!"