Thursday, April 27, 2006

Emmylou's Grammie sent her this swimsuit and towel as she is very excited about having Emmylou in Texas this summer to try out her new pool. It was warm today and I couldn't resist having her try it on. As Lulu is enjoying her baths more and more, I have a feeling the pool will be a big hit. She also has a matching cover-up and sunglasses which I'm sure you'll see in future photos!


Alison & Craig said...

Hello from Scotland...Alex forwarded me little Emmylou's blog. What a good idea!!

I've forwarded the link on to my sister in law. Hopefully she will take a hint and make a blog too. She just had a little girl, Madeleine, and Craig and I haven't got to meet her yet as they live in Dubai!

Anyways Emmylou is so cute...I will definitely be back to check her out soon! Glad she and Lola are getting on well :)

Hope you are all doing well, perhaps we will get to catch up again soon in Texas.

Alison x

emily said...

We look remarkably similar in a bikini.