Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gary and I have been on hair-loss-watch since Emmylou was born figuring she’d become a blonde one of these days since we both were as kids. Well, it has finally begun to happen. Only it’s not happening all over her head at once, but with the sides over her ears first so she kind of looks like she has a mullet (Kirk?). Or maybe she really will take after her dad and it will become a mohawk soon. I’m just glad her sideburns have disappeared. They were pretty funny and you can kind of see them in the very first picture I posted on this blog. On a different note, the other day I mentioned Lola’s “baby”- her monkey we gave her to understand that the baby was coming. Here’s a photo of her with it. I’m pretty sure she loves Emmylou as much as she loves that monkey.

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NancyJ said...

Hi Becca, Gary, and EmmylouQ
Mom and i have just been visiting your blog site again. Emmylou is so beautiful. We can't wait to meet her in person. Be watching for a package to arrive soon. Thanks for making this blog--it's really fun to keep up with you all.
Your Aunt Nancy and Mamaw