Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dear Emmylou/Lulu/Emmy,

Today you turned 2 months old and it is also, coincidentally, Mother's Day. You must have been so excited about this special day because you hardly slept at all last night! As you can see from above, we still haven't completely settled on what to call you. Emmylou or Lulu seem to be the most common, although we had intended to call you Emmy from the beginning. Some other names I call you are "my love" and "my little bird" or "bug" because you sometimes chirp and squeak. Daddy sometimes calls you his "little alien," but you should know it's meant only in the best way because of the funny faces you make when you stretch. You are definitely keeping us on our toes, especially this past week as you decided to switch from sleeping 6-8 hours straight per night to not going more than 2-3 without waking up and wanting to eat. We're guessing (hoping) you're going through a growth spurt and will soon be back to your long sleeping hours. I thought you knew who you were dealing with-- you know I'm not one of those super-mommies who can get by without any sleep! But no matter what, I'm sure we'll work it out.

You are growing so much bigger and stronger! It's fun watching you change in little ways. You like to stand on my lap and wobble around or push up on my chest and look around over my shoulder to see what Daddy's doing. You have new hair starting to grow so your head is fuzzy, soft and warm and I love feeling it on my cheek. Your eyes are getting a little lighter, but are still blue-ish grey like your dad's. We always wonder what color they'll eventually become. I think the best thing now is that we rarely smile at you without getting one back. I also heard you giggle for the first time ever a few days ago! You love looking at yourself in the mirror, especially the one above your swing. You'll look at yourself, smiling, for what seems like forever before falling to sleep with a sweet look on your face. I hope you always feel as happy about yourself as you do now!

Emmylou, we waited a long time to have you and I have to say that I firmly believe that good things come to those who wait. I'm so glad that it was you who made me a mommy! This Mother's Day has been perfect and I can't wait to see what's in store for us this next month and in the years to come. I look forward to it all.

Love you so much.


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Alex said...

Becca, it sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! Good luck on WW. You can totally do it!