Thursday, May 04, 2006

Emmylou had her wildest adventure yet yesterday! Here's the short version: Not only did our day trip to Philadelphia include eating some delicious cheesesteaks and seeing Independence Hall where the forefathers of our country signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we also spent some real quality time at the Philadelphia Parking Authority office once we realized our car had been towed from its metered spot to somewhere "way down in South Philly." While my dad went in search of the impound lot with only a $20 bill for a taxi ride (none of us had cash or a working ATM card) Joyce and I stayed in the parking authority office until the woman working there suggested we go to the "really nice" mall across the street to pass the time instead. Needless to say, people watching is VERY interesting in a downtown Philly mall (I actually saw a woman wearing a burkha), and "really nice" apparently means they have a Big K-Mart and Walgreens. But we eventually got the car and made it home and Lulu was a real trooper throughout the whole ordeal so I really can't complain. Today, however, we'll be staying very close to home! These pics are from Geno's, the cheesesteak place, and Emmylou with her ticket to Independence Hall, unable to contain her excitement at what she was about to see.

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