Sunday, June 11, 2006

Unfortunately, today Mimi had to head back to San Antonio. But here she is providing some primo napping comfort for Emmylou one last time before getting to the airport. We had so much fun with Mimi while she was here! Last night we celebrated her final evening with a fun dinner at a tapas bar with lots of delicious food and sangria. We almost didn't go because we were so afraid that Emmylou would scream and cry while we were there (she was not in a good mood when we left the house), but instead she either slept peacefully or people-watched without a single whine or whimper. Sometimes I wonder if in our attempt to acclimate her to an active lifestyle we have instead conditioned her to be bored and fussy whenever we stay home! Nevertheless, we'll try to get out of the house a little more during the days this week. I'm hoping we'll find a pool to hang out at or maybe a baby yoga class to do. Who knows what adventures we'll find!

A bit bored at home, perhaps?

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