Friday, July 07, 2006

Since our Fourth of July wasn't so exciting with all of that rain causing us to miss the fireworks, here is a photo of someone who was a little more festive:

That's Roxy, Emily's chihuahua. Too bad Lola doesn't have a matching outfit (I'm sure you'd have a hard time telling them apart since their mothers are identical twins).

We've been enjoying our trip to Texas so far. After spending Tuesday night in San Antonio, we went to Austin Wednesday night and stayed at one of my favorite places on earth, the Hotel San Jose. We got to swim in the pool in the afternoon (look at the photos of Emmylou swimming with her Grammie!), walk down the street to yummy Guero's for dinner, and then visit with some friends over wine in the hotel courtyard before going to bed. My friend Corinne brought her adorable baby, Ramona, to meet Emmylou. Ramona was born 6 days after Emmylou so I know when we move back to Texas they will be good friends and play together often. Thanks also to Ashley and Cole, Leslie, Lucy, Shannon and Sean for coming out to see us!

We got back to San Antonio Thursday afternoon and swam in Grammie's pool before heading over to dinner with Dad, Joyce, Steve, Luke and Josh, which was very nice. And tonight we got to go to a fun dinner with Emmylou's Mimi! Even though it's been busy (we've also done water aerobics, lunch and visits with Grammie's friends and some shopping here and there), it's been a blast. Everyone is talking about how much Lulu has changed since seeing her last, and it's been fun watching her coo, laugh and 'talk' with everyone. She's really having conversations these days and watching her crack herself up is hilarious.

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Alex said...


you are looking amazing in your bathing suit! emmylou isn't too shabby herself ;P wish that i would have been in town to see y'all.