Monday, July 31, 2006

Tonight I made Gary one of his favorite dinners (penne with steak and arugula-- here's the recipe, you really should try it), so it only seemed fair that Emmylou get something good, too. Since the pediatrician okay'ed starting stage 1 foods like applesauce, bananas and sweet potatoes on our last visit several weeks ago, we figured tonight was the perfect time to move beyond the magic boobs and try something new. Here is the video we took of her trying some applesauce tonight, her first venture into solid foods and what is sure to be the beginning of a lifetime appreciation of all things edible (since she's related to me). She had some funny reactions which surprised me until I finally tasted the applesauce myself-- that stuff was really sour! If you can't see the video, here's a still picture of her in her Texas bib.


Alex said...

Maybe she wanted some of the food that the New York Times talks about today :)

emmylou said...

Oh my God. I'm going to have to find the baby Tex-Mex!!! Thanks for the link, Alex and Emmylou will be thanking you soon, too!