Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dear Emmylou,

Half a year! Despite a few mishaps, we've managed to keep you alive for half a year! Yay! You turned six months old today and I can hardly believe it. It feels almost like when you get a new car-- like it doesn't feel like you've had the new car for that long but it seems like forever since you were in the old one. I guess one day you'll know what I mean, but I suppose I'm just trying to say that I can hardly remember what life was like before we had you and I'm happy that I feel this way.

We've been really busy lately because you are celebrating this milestone in Austin. This is our third night in Texas and we're spending the night at Lizzie's, the third place we've stayed so far (and I think Aunt Emmy's place is next on the list!). We came for the Austin City Limits Music Festival and you'll get to go at least one day this weekend. Because we've been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to post some of our latest adventures, so here's what you were doing before we left:
Sitting in the Harris' pumpkin patch...

Playing with John at his house...

Reading "Goodnight Lulu" with me before bedtime...

This past month you have fallen in love with your feet. You love them so completely and wholeheartedly that it makes me smile. I don't think you could possibly be any happier to find that they are still connected to your ankles each time you play with them. You love them so much you have even fallen asleep twice still holding on to at least one of them:

Oh, and when you're not chewing on your toes, you're sucking your thumb. You are starting a love affair with that, too, and it is too cute when you are so sleepy but manage to find your thumb just before nodding off.

As I say every month, you are getting so big! At six months your eyes are still grayish blue like your daddy's and always bright. You can hardly stay still when I lay you down to change your diaper because you want to roll all over the place and see what's going on. You can sit up and play with toys now like a big girl as long as I put a pillow behind you in case you get a little wobbly. You are sleeping all night long (usually 10-12 hours straight!) but you like to go to bed pretty early, usually around 7pm-- so we're not real sure where you got that from. I think you're finally getting your first tooth! I can see a tiny speck of white on your lower gums that I think will be sprouting up soon. Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes and bananas but you pretty much like anything we give you now that your aversion to peaches is over. You laugh all the time and people are always telling us you're a "smiley baby." I really don't think you could be more wonderful!

Thanks for the most incredible six months of our lives, Emmylou! We know this time when you are so small is fleeting, so we are cherishing every single moment. We can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next six months (but feel free to take your time doing it)...

Love you with all of my heart.

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