Monday, November 27, 2006

On Sunday we became official Austin-ites again, driving to Gary's cousin Rhonda's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Am Rhein clan. As always it was a fun time and they made sure that Emmylou followed in a family tradition: getting her hands on a turkey leg for her very first Thanksgiving! Of course, it was the first time (ever) that she didn't immediately put whatever was in front of her in her mouth-- she just kind of looked at it, then up at the 20+ pairs of eyes staring at her, and then decided to give a little fuss.

"Hmmm, I like how it feels a little squishy..."

"Tastes like chicken!"

"Spencer, do you really like this stuff?"

She took a little nap earlier in the afternoon and when I went to check on her, I found this cute sign on her door made by the kids:

So sweet! Anyway, now we're in Austin for good in our little hotel for the next 2 weeks until we close on the house. It's not too bad of a place, just a little small. I'm almost grateful, though, because when we get to move into our little house, it's going to feel huge in comparison!

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