Sunday, November 12, 2006

We are back in Austin after a day in San Antonio where Emmylou got to play on the playground across the street from Grammie's house and eat the very best tortillas from Alamo Cafe! Here are photos of both:

(Emily thinks that last photo looks like one of Us Weekly's "Stars They're Just Like Us" profiles [nevermind the fact that I'm not a celebrity]: They push their kids in swings!-- maybe next week you'll get to see me taking our clothes to the cleaners or [gasp!] putting my car in reverse.)

Last night Emily, Lizzie and I went to the Stitch Craft Bazaar and fashion show at the Austin Music Hall. They had some really great jewelry there and the fashion show was fun to watch. One designer that we really liked was one of Emily's friends, Jesse. Emily did the photography for her website which you can view here. It kind of felt like we were watching Project Runway in person and I kept hearing the voices of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in my head saying things like "that looks like an old Halloween costume" and "could that be any more booooring?!" There were definitely a few designers who should have been auf-ed but some were actually very good. I was slightly inspired and bought a book on how to make my own patterns since we will soon have a house with it's very own workshop where I can dust off my sewing machine and 'make it work.'

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