Thursday, December 14, 2006

And the craziness continues... in addition to trying to get unpacked and somewhat settled, we've also been celebrating birthdays around here. Mine was on Tuesday, so we went to a casual dinner at Phil's Ice House and then had yummy Amy's Ice Cream for dessert. Emmylou had her very first taste of ice cream there and loved it-- she kept squealing after each bite until I gave her more! Unfortunately, Emily was on her cruise so we couldn't celebrate her birthday, too, but I'm pretty sure that'll happen once she gets back. And yesterday was Pawpaw's birthday so Emmylou and I went to San Marcos to celebrate at Texas Reds with the whole crew. We all put in for a new fishing rod and reel for Pawpaw and Emmylou seemed to really like it. Pawpaw promised to teach her how to fish real soon!

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