Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Right now I can't think of a word better than "overwhelmed" to describe how I'm feeling, although another good one would be "over-stuffed" considering Gary and I are turning into our own versions of Morgan Spurlock by overdosing on fast food and restaurant meals. In fact, I think it's probably been a month since I cooked a meal or even poured a bowl of cereal. Gross. Our house is still a complete disaster area with the organization of our household contents hinged upon an Ikea wardrobe/pantry that has a door that just won't hang straight. Not knowing whether it'll be staying or getting returned (I'm supposed to get a call within 48 hours from Ikea with my options, but really, don't get me started on that), I still can't fill it up and make room for us to walk from one room to another. Agggh! As you might expect, Gary is about to lose it and has declared war against the Pax Hakadal-- here's what it's supposed to look like:

Honestly, I'm just amazed that it's still in one piece and not a giant pile of splinters on the living room floor.

And as if that's not bad enough, I just started my Christmas shopping tonight. I put Emmylou to bed and escaped to the mall with Lizzie for a couple of hours until it closed at 10:30 tonight. I got a few things done but I think it also, unfortunately, pulled me out of my denial that Christmas is in a mere 6 days. Oh. My. God. Six days! That's it-- as soon as I'm finished writing this post I'm curling up with my computer for some much needed Cute Overload therapy.

At least tonight when Gary got home from Dallas we went to our favorite restaurant, Musashino, to have some yummy, healthy sushi. Emmylou likes to chew on the empty edamame shells so I took a picture of her doing that next to her daddy's plate:

Yum! Sayonara, I'm off to bed...

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