Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last night Gary and I went downtown with Emmylou, Grammie, Keith, Ashley and Cole to see Lizzie's performance in the First Night arts festival. Since Grammie came up to Austin to see Lizzie, she volunteered to babysit Emmylou and Cole back at our house afterwards so we could all go out and celebrate. We hit a few obstacles that were probably expected when you don't make plans for New Year's Eve until an hour or two before going out, but our night ended up fun at a party at Keith's sister's house, fireworks included. Emmylou was asleep when we got home so I wasn't able to see the new PJ's Grammie put her in until I went to get her this morning-- so cute (can you see the '2007' on them?)!

We had a lazy day around the house and after having no fever at all yesterday, Lulu seems to be feeling worse today. I'm sick, too, so we are a pretty pathetic bunch. Gary was able to buy a PlayStation 3 this morning, his Christmas gift from Mimi and me, so he's been spending the day alternating between salivating over his new Tiger Woods game and taking care of the babe.

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