Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I know, I know, this is, like, my fourth post in only a couple of days, but with all of this ice it's either I find things to do around here, like type on my computer, or hibernate (tempting). But I have something very important to tell all of you! This afternoon Emmylou said her first word! She was carrying around her tube of Balmex like she likes to do after I've changed her and while we were walking down the hall she threw it down and then said "uh-oh." Now I know a lot of people wouldn't consider "uh-oh" a real word, but it is (and as a speech pathologist I should know)! Up until now she's always just imitated us in saying "mama" or "dada" or, of course, jibberish. Another thing she's also getting really good at is shaking her head to say "no" whenever we offer her something she doesn't want, most recently in reply to the question "Emmylou, can I wipe your nose?" Now that she's talking, Gary says he's going to make her next word "Kobe" or "Lakers," something all of you Spurs fans out there should really appreciate, especially after the game tonight.

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