Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I took Emmylou to the pediatrician today and just as I suspected, she is not on her deathbed but in the throes of recovery from a rather bad case of the common cold. I did hear that there is a nasty outbreak of RSV in Austin and I was a little worried that she might have strep throat because every time she coughs she cries like her throat is killing her, so I'm glad that both have been ruled out and we can resume normal lives soon. Thank God, because if I watch another episode of the week-long America's Next Top Model mega-marathon on VH-1, I'm going to permanently alter my IQ to that of the mostly brain-dead contestants (excluding smarty-pants Elyse, my favorite contestant from season 1 who is the girlfriend of Marty from The Shins).

Anyway, I'm definitely eager to get on with what will be our normal life here in Austin or at least get a feel for what it will be like living here minus unpacking from a move, preparing for the holidays, or getting over Lulu's and my colds. In one last hurrah for Christmas, we got a package from Auntie Lauren yesterday filled to the brim with presents for Lulu, Gary and me. One for Lulu was even called 'Lulu the Letter-Spinning Spider!' She thoroughly enjoyed and inspected each toy and has played with each of them today. Here are some pics of her opening them... Thanks, Lauren!

Oooh, gotta go-- Top Chef is on! (Yes, I know, I'm pathetic.)

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