Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Like most of the south, we've been snowed-in (or, rather, iced-in) for the past 48 hours. Besides an emerging case of cabin fever and a complete lack of meat in the house to cook any meals, we're doing fine. I might have said we brought the weather down here from Baltimore with us when we moved, but when I talked to my friend Hope there yesterday, she said it was 70 degrees in the Inner Harbor! Gary was supposed to travel to New York yesterday and Dallas today but both of his flights were cancelled, so he's been here with us, hanging out in his jammies and slippers within 5 feet of his PlayStation at all times. We only took Emmylou outside for about 5 minutes today because she still has a stuffy nose and cough, but we did manage to get a couple of pictures of her in her first Texas snow.

With Daddy under the icicles...

Brrrr-- it's cold!

And sitting in our snow-covered cactus garden!

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John said...

It's cold now!