Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday we stopped at Grammie's house in San Antonio on our way back to Austin (after Granny's 85th birthday party- Happy Birthday, Granny!) to help her put some furniture in her car that she needs to take to New Orleans on Wednesday. As we pulled things out of the garage, I was so excited to find this:

According to my mom, it's the corral I used along with Emily, Lizzie and the neighborhood kids so the parents could relax (and, most likely, grab a much-needed drink). Since Emmylou has had me constantly chasing her out of the fireplace and other dangerous areas in our house, I thought it'd be perfect to set up in the living room. Turns out Emmylou didn't like it at all and once I realized those openings are roughly the size of an 11 month old's head, I decided to put it away.

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