Sunday, March 11, 2007

Emmylou had a big weekend! First, she got a new carseat since she's such a big girl now. She even gets to face forward! Here she is testing it's snooze-worthiness:

Emmylou [settling into left side of seat]: "Ahhh, uh-hmm... yes.... I do believe this, uh, seat here is just ri.....zzzz....zzzz"

Then, Friday evening, Pawpaw and Nana came over for dinner and to celebrate her birthday. Here's Emmylou with them and a delicious cake they brought for her:

Starting in on it...

Nearing the end...

And so unhappy when we finally took it away!

Pawpaw and Nana gave Emmylou some great presents, including her first cowgirl hat and the cute western dress I had wanted for her a while ago (see July '06 archives)!

So cute! Had we known what we were in for last night, she could've worn both! We went to the Brentwood Tavern for dinner and some live music that ended up being all covers of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt and the like. Here's Emmylou dancing with her daddy-- two-stepping already, when she's just learned to walk!

Today Grammie came in for lunch and some afternoon shopping where Emmylou got a new pair of sandals! The man at the store measured Emmylou's feet and called them (and I quote) "tiny princess feet." Um, excuse me?! He said that most one-year-olds have size 5 or 6 feet while Emmylou only wears a 3! Could this really be my flesh and blood? Given that I have the most gi-normous size 11 feet, for the first time, I'm suspecting they switched babies on me at the hospital. Here's a pic of her new sandals (that Aunt Emmy bought for her as a birthday gift!) that she'll get to wear with lots of cute springtime outfits.

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