Monday, August 06, 2007

After two weeks of cavorting around Europe, we are finally back, happy, safe and sound, in Austin! Here is a picture I took of Emmylou the night before we left that I meant to post then, but couldn't quite find the time what with all the packing I had to do and my slow recovery from the concussion and staples in my head I got 3 days earlier. But we made it to Barcelona very smoothly and had an AMAZING time in every city we visited. Every day just got better and better, even when we didn't think it was possible! Emmylou (who did not actually have to travel in my suitcase but got her own seat on the plane) was more flexible and easy going than I could have ever imagined and became something of a legend and superstar on the cruise ship. I'll start posting some of the stories and photos of the vacation tomorrow, but for now I'm going to bed! As Emmylou would say, "night-night."

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Alison & Craig Buchanan said...

Nice to see Emmylou's smiley face back on the net! Hope you had a great vacation and that your head is better!

Looking forward to seeing all the pictures when you get a chance.