Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh my God! 39 comments! We are certainly feeling the love here. Thanks to everyone who left their vote for Emmylou's Halloween costume. Gary bet me that we wouldn't get more than 18 votes and we got more than double that! I'll enjoy spending the 25 bucks he owes me (sure wish we had bet more).

Here are the results:

Carmen Miranda: 23

Peacock: 11

Monkey: 2

Puppy Dog: 0

So it looks like Carmen Miranda is the big winner, however, Alex did provide an excellent alternative to my suggestions. Although I'd be happy to never lay eyes on another raisin since they exploded all over my car and house just a short while ago, I do think a California Raisin costume would certainly be appropriate.

So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to order the Carmen Miranda costume but also start researching how to make a California Raisin costume since I'm pretty sure you haven't been able to buy one of those since sometime around 1986. And since Lulu had two costumes last year, I figure it's perfectly fine to keep that tradition going. We'll be going to a Halloween parade and party at the children's museum on the 28th where she can be Carmen and then on Halloween night she can be a raisin.

God, she is going to hate me in about 15 years, isn't she? At least I can blame it partly on you people!


Kari said...

Ha! California raisin- great idea! My grandparents dressed up as California raisins about 15 years ago- they wore black tights and stuffed black garbage bags. Perhaps sticking Emmylou in a garbage bag could be dangerous though...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing how cute Emmylou looks in her Carmen Miranda costume!
Ann Codlin

Alex said...

i think emmylou is going to look amazing as a raisin!