Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Emmylou,

This past weekend, while we were in New Orleans, you turned nineteen months old. What a big girl you're getting to be! It was so much fun getting to watch you with people who haven't seen you in a while and I'm pretty sure they all thought you were pretty neat.

Here are some things you're loving these days: your new squeaky shoes, chapstick, drawing with markers on your easel, eating Fig Newtons, putting things in the trash, and spraying yourself with Off bug spray (because that means you get to go outside). I think I hear you say the word "outside" about a million times a day, so I've been trying to take you to the park at least once a day so you can expend some of that boundless energy you have.

As you may have noticed, you've seen lots of animals recently but that's because you really seem to like them. Today you were enamored with the lobsters and crabs at Central Market and they had a giant cow in the cheese department that you loved (as we passed it you told me "more" so we turned around and spent a little more time with it, you moo-ing). I think you like them so much because books are your favorite things these days and most of your books are about animals.

Although you've started a little hitting recently, for the most part, you're still the sweetest little thing ever. You are so cute when we ask for kisses. We love the way you lean over to give them with your lips pressed together, chin up, saying "mmmmm...". You also know the good way to hug these days too, throwing your arms around our necks and squeezing your head into our shoulders. Ahhh. There's nothing better.

My favorite parts of the day are seeing you first thing in the morning (a bonus if it's past 7 am), sharing an apple with you in the afternoon (you and I are both obsessed with the Honey Crisp ones) and reading Goodnight Moon together before bed. Even if I'm exhausted after a long day running around after you, I think I tell your daddy "I miss Emmylou" every night once I'm laying in bed to go to sleep and you're off in your own bed. That's how much I love you, Emmylou! Thanks for always being the best part of every day and keep those kisses coming.


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