Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sometimes I think I get so used to doing all the things that come with hanging out with Emmylou 24/7 that I don't think twice about what a normal day is really like for us. After being away from her for 4 days while we were in New York, I have fresh eyes to see that although we always have fun, she really is a handful and it's not just my imagination. So here are some stats I collected from today, between our outings at the gym, grocery store, fabric/craft store (for Halloween costume supplies) and the park:

Number of Maisy episodes watched by Emmylou: 1.5

Number of airplanes pointed out by Emmylou: 3 (+1 helicopter)

Number of balloons hovering over the produce section of Central Market because of Emmylou: 1

Number of crushed Cheerios on the floors of Central Market and Hobby Lobby, collectively: at least 50

Number of times Emmylou wanted to use her chapstick and climbed onto toilet to reach upper cabinet: 10 (at least)

Number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches fed to dog by Emmylou: .5

Number of naps taken by Emmylou: 1 (it was a long one, thank God)

Number of times Emmylou climbed on Lola's back: 3

Number of times Emmylou pushed all the buttons on the DVD player or cable box even though she's forbidden to touch them: 100 (low estimate)

Number of playground pebbles found in Emmylou's diaper at bath time: 8

Number of times Babo was bathed in toilet by Emmylou: 1

Number of times Babo went through the washing machine: 2

Yep, just another day...


Anonymous said...

Thats why you love her so much!

emmylou said...

Ann, you're so right! Deep down I love every second with her. Thanks for the comment. And Isla just gets more beautiful every day!