Monday, November 05, 2007


(This is one of the pics you get when you google "yay!" images)

We want to send a congratulations out to Emmylou's Aunt Emmy who just finished her HUGE project re-vamping the Austin City Limits website! It went live today and now you can see videos of the artists who have been on this season, starting with my two favorite bands, Wilco and Arcade Fire. Yay, Emily!

You can CLICK HERE to see it, or use the permanent website link to the left I added a couple of days ago.


emily said...

How did they get the cats to do that?

Andrew said...

is this for real? Ladysmith Black Mambazo? they mentioned her in 'mean girls' but i thought they just made up a name to get laughs...

the website looks super good emily!

Alison, Craig, & Isla said...

Em, the website looks really, really good! Congrats on getting it launched as it looks like one hell of a big project!

Can't wait to see y'all soon!