Thursday, January 03, 2008

Contrary to how it may seem, my number one New Year's resolution is not to quit blogging! It's actually to blog more, which will be difficult to do amongst all my other time-consuming resolutions such as learning French and Italian, running a half marathon and learning to like oatmeal, but I'll give it a try.

It's been a nice little break for me, though, as I've barely even opened up my computer in the last two weeks, but mostly that was because I've been afraid that it's about to crash. I think I maxed out the storage capacity when I uploaded my 5,394th picture (not kidding) to iPhoto, so I had to do a little damage control and transfer everything to an external hard drive to make some new space. New space for what?

Photos from my new Canon Rebel XTi that Gary surprised me with for Christmas! So, dear reader, not only should you have more photos and posts from me in 2008, but the photos should be much better! Although I only know how to shoot in the auto mode at the moment (learning how to use the manual settings is another resolution), the photos are of unbelievably better quality than my little point and shoot, so I'm very excited.

This afternoon or evening I'm planning on making my first upload off the camera, and that, of course, includes a few photos from Christmas. Emily took most of the early morning ones-- which I haven't gotten yet-- but I do have a couple from a little later after opening presents that I'll post.

Speaking of presents, I'll just tell you now Emmylou's two favorites (of the millions): one, a candy necklace and two, a Hello Kitty pez dispenser (which she held up to her ear like a phone when I told her its name was "Hello Kitty"). Surprising? I think not.

More to come this evening...


Alex said...

so does this mean you are running the austin half on feb 17?

i hope so. carlo and i will be there!

emmylou said...


i registered a couple of days ago and am up to 7 miles- going for 8 this weekend!

Alex said...

good job! you are doing better than carlo and i am. our training has sucked and we are going up to 6.5 this weekend.

i'm so excited. way to go!

The Gould Family said...

Congrats on the camera. What lens did you get with it?