Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Oh, shoot!" That's what Emmylou just said when she dropped her cup on the floor a few minutes ago. Can I say that I'm happily surprised that it wasn't something else?

And I'm especially pleased that she's starting to put two words together. It's been drilled into my brain as part of my speech pathology training that 2 year olds communicate with 2-word combinations, so I've been a little concerned that we only have one month to go before that deadline. But today she also said "more baby" when she saw a friend's new baby sister at school and the other day she said "uh-oh fall down," so I think we're in the clear. As I've mentioned before, she's a little stubborn with her talking and will never say something if we specifically ask her to. Saying "can you say xxx" only brings a quick "no" or a sly smile and maybe a little laugh. I swear, she is totally playing us!


The Gould Family said...

Sounds like she's playing you. Sneaky babies.

Alex said...

i hope she will speak to me this weekend!