Friday, March 28, 2008

As if yesterday wasn't exciting enough simply from finding out that we have a baby boy on the way, Emmylou kept things interesting by warranting another trip to the emergency room last night. Somehow, right at bedtime, she went from playing on all fours on the wood floor (spinning around, perhaps?) in the middle of our kitchen/dining room with no furniture or anything dangerous anywhere near her, to screaming, lying face down and unable to move her entire left arm. Even though we thought she might only be a little bruised and mostly tired, after an hour of crying (not like her at all) and then falling asleep and crying in her sleep when I touched her arm, we decided to take her to the emergency room to make sure nothing was sprained or broken. After trying the children's hospital, which was swamped and would obviously take at least 4 hours to be seen, we took her to Seton where she was the only patient in the ER. She was in excruciating pain while the doctor examined her and while they did the x-rays, but immediately after, it was like she was miraculously healed! We think the x-ray techs must have popped something back into place while they were stretching her arm out for the pictures!

Emmylou seems perfectly fine today. Go figure.

In case you're counting, that's three trips to the emergency room in the past six months, one of course, being the time I fainted and hit my head on the driveway. But still, I had never even been to an emergency room before six months ago!

Parenting is crazy.


Alison, Craig, & Isla said...

Poor little girl....I can't imagine how worried you must've been!

Glad to here she is OK today.

Isla is currently watching the Wonder Pets (on Emmylou's recommendation) after bashing her face on the coffee table :(

Anonymous said...

Hope Emmylou is feeling much better; you must have been extremely worried for her.
Ann cCdlin

The Gould Family said...

Glad Emmylou is doing OK.

Reading your blog is a nice overview for a first time parent on "what to expect in a year."

My cousin's little girl had to go to the emergency room so much between the ages of 2 and 4 that the ER staff knew her name and she got faster service.

I'm trying to point out some potential positives. You will, of course, need to return to the same hospital though : )

Alex said...

so what was the matter with her, or did the doctors say she was fine? poor little emmylou.

emmylou said...

thanks, everyone for your concern!

alex, the doctor diagnosed her with "nursemaid's elbow" which apparently means it got a little dislocated (causing pain from her shoulder to her wrist) and just needed to be popped back into place.