Friday, March 07, 2008

Thanks so much to everyone for their congratulatory comments on our upcoming new arrival! We are still a little shocked that it happened so quickly but are so excited.

Here's something else we're super excited about:

We want to send our congratulations out to Lizzie and her friend Amanda for recently starting their own upholstery business! A lot of their work can be seen in a store here in Austin called Homegirls, but they also sell their own stuff now in their Etsy online store (and, of course, they also do custom upholstery work). Check out this blue chair they did that just sold last week (had I seen it first I would've bought it myself!):

I love, love, love this orange ottoman:

And aren't these green, geometric-patterned high back chairs awesome?

Congratulations, Lizzie and Amanda! We are all so impressed with your work and inspired by the way you have taken big risks to do something you love. We wish you all the best!

Although I'll add permanent links on the left side of this blog, here are some for now:

Spruce Website

Spruce Etsy Store


Alex said...

That is some good looking furniture!

Here is the link to the Pasadena Flea Market that I was telling y'all about that Lizzie should check out:

Alison, Craig, & Isla said...

Lizzie, congrats on your new venture! I wish you and your partner lots and lots of success.

Your website and furniture looks great.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both on your new venture. You have some great looking furniture. Will have to to your place out!
Ann Codlin

The Gould Family said...

This is so awesome. Please add me to any business updates list. Congratulations to your sister. Her stuff is great.