Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear Emmylou,

So I almost let April slide without an update for you, but I just couldn't do it because you're doing such hilarious stuff these days! Let me fill you in...

About a month ago you went from saying one or two things at a time to using (mostly) complete sentences. One I hear a lot is "I want watch Elmo Potty Time." Yes, Elmo's Potty Time is your favorite "movie" of the moment and you are so interested in potty training that I think you're getting close to training yourself. I say that you're training yourself because I'm not really sure I'm ready for you to try it for real. I know you're close but I'm afraid that if we start now you may regress when the new baby comes so I'm thinking it might just be better to wait another six months. Who knows if we can make it that long, though, because this weekend you pooped in the potty three separate times! Of course that brought a new little song you keep singing, which is "I poop potty," which you sang me over the phone many, many times.

Something else I hear all the time: "I-self" or "I do self." Self-explanatory.

Another: "I help." Yes, you like to help with everything. Mostly, you can't stand my doing anything in the kitchen without helping. Whether it's baking cookies or making soup or just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, if you see me head in there, you drag your chair from the table and are up in the midst of everything in 10.2 seconds flat. If we're putting ingredients in a bowl, you absolutely insist on tasting everything and remarking "mmmm, that's good!" to whatever it might be: flour, baking soda, chopped raw onions.

You are definitely exploring emotions. Even though you are the happiest child I have ever seen, sometimes out of the blue, you'll say "I sad." When I ask if you need a hug, you take it willingly and then tell me, "Thanks, much better [nodding and squinting slightly, very seriously]." You also like to say "I happy" at various times and we talk about what makes us feel different ways. One way you like to mark a happy, festive occasion is by clinking glasses or spoons or popsicles in a toast-like fashion when we're eating.

People these days are calling you a "social butterfly" and always remark about how outgoing, confident and independent you are. They can also tell how sweet you are. Lately you have to tuck in your stuffed animals next to you before you can lay down and go to sleep yourself, and whenever you hear a baby crying, you immediately say "I help" and "get baby bottle." I know you're going to be a sweet big sister because you like to talk to your brother through my belly button and softly rub my belly and give it kisses.

I couldn't possibly love you more,

P.S. Here you are playing on the bed at Grammie's house...


Anonymous said...

Emmylou is going to make a great big sister!
Ann Codlin

Alex said...

i think this is your sweetest letter yet.