Monday, June 09, 2008

Okay, I have lots to post tonight...

First, this past weekend was officially POTTY TRAINING WEEKEND. We went through Saturday with what I might call moderate success. I'll spare you the details but will mention that I'm pretty sure Emmylou went through six pairs of panties by noon. Here she is Saturday morning, basically wasting time watching The Wonder Pets in her undies until nature called:

And here she is showing off her Elmo potty chart which she filled with stickers:

Even though Emmylou used the potty 95% of the time she got on it, apparently she didn't get everything out and then had a hard time telling me before she needed to go again, which led to several accidents.

And because I am a total wimp and have a hard time staying put in my house for longer than 24 hours at a time, on Sunday morning after she started saying she didn't want to use the potty at all, I happily threw a pull-up on her and called it a day. But I'm kind of glad I did, because Em saw this on the Today Show this morning and I think it is really great information.

Too bad the Potty Whisperer doesn't live in Austin! We will definitely be using some of her techniques when we give it another try in the next couple of weeks.


Now that Emmylou's getting bigger, several people have been asking us if Emmylou's been trying to ride Lola like a horse. Although most people would assume that one's parents would try to deter that kind of a thing, Gary's more than happy to facilitate a ride every now and then. In fact, Daddy always tries to get Emmylou to stay on for 8 seconds, as preparation for a future career in the rodeo (ah, such good thinking).


And in baby news, I have to mention that the little guy is kicking up a storm, no more so than last week when I saw the Sex and the City movie. I thought it was great but apparently he was desperately trying to get the hell out of me and out of that theater. I guess the aversion to chick flicks begins in the womb...


Alex said...

i can't believe that your baby is due 30 days after our wedding. it didn't seem like that long ago that i found out that you were pregnant.

i already have an awesome baby gift. is it not cool to send it 3 months early?

emmylou said...

alex, you give awesome presents so who are we to say when you give them out?!!

and i can't believe your wedding is so close! i'm so excited for you two.