Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aside from our little car accident Sunday night (which we've since learned will cost USAA [gasp!] a whopping $7000 in repairs) we had a couple other small misfortunes that evening...

First, let me introduce you all to Daisy #2:

She was acquired today while Emmylou was in Spanish class. So far she suspects nothing although this fish is at least 50% bigger than the last Daisy.

Second, when we left New Braunfels the night of the accident, we happened to leave the love of Emmylou's life, her Ugly Doll Babo (pronounced BAH-boh), at PawPaw and Nana's house. This shouldn't be a big deal since we have a back-up Babo at home, except that Emmylou can tell the difference between them by glancing at one or the other for approximately .02 seconds. In fact, she calls her back-up Babo "Babo #2."

We broke the news to her in a matter-of-fact way on the drive home: "Emmylou, we left Babo #1 at PawPaw and Nana's house so you'll have to sleep with Babo #2 tonight." She seemed a little distressed but there were no tears, mostly because she was too busy watching The Wonder Pets.

Once we got home I got her into bed somewhat easily with Babo #2 after explaining that we'd get Babo #1 back the next day and then I took off for the hospital. When I got home and asked Gary how she went down, he said that after a few minutes in her bed, she started screaming "Babo One!!!" over and over. Eventually she went to sleep.

Since some of you babysit for us and might encounter having to deal with Babo #1 and Babo #2, I thought I might try to help by illustrating some of the significant differences between them:

Exhibit A: Babo #1

Note Babo #1's large teeth and the worn tag he possesses on his left side. His mouth, which came off ages ago, was originally sewn on, thus leaving a few widely-spaced black stitches in its place. Also, displays significantly matted "fur" and is usually significantly flatter than Babo #2.

Exhibit B: Babo #2

Note Babo #2's slightly larger eyes and smaller, more closely-set teeth. He was purchased at least six months after the first, clearly after the Ugly Doll people switched to using more efficient methods for mass production, including gluing on the mouth (which I ripped off a long time ago the first time we misplaced Babo #1 and tried to get him to pass for him). He also has a slightly pointier body and fuzzier "fur."

And what could be better than one or the other? Why, both, of course!

A big thanks to PawPaw and Nana for meeting us Monday evening in San Marcos for a Babo #1 hand-off. Emmylou was thrilled to see him again and when we got home, her other Ugly Dolls were all eagerly awaiting the reunion as well...


Anonymous said...

Emmylou looks so excited that she has Babo 1 and 2 back together; priceless!

Ann Codlin

The Gould Family said...

So what your saying is "buy two on the first go." Right? Noted!

emmylou said...


Guess I should have included a moral to my story rather than just the rambling...