Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hoy fue el dia ultimo de las clases espanol para Emmylou. Comprende?

Probably not, since I'm drawing on my pathetic broken Spanish skills from my undergraduate days at UT and I don't know how to type using accent marks (can anyone enlighten me there?).

Anyway, in English, today was Emmylou's last day of Spanish class and Tripp's mom sent me a couple of photos. Here she is with Ava, Owen, Tripp, Ellie and Dylan and her teacher Jorge. I'm not sure how much Spanish she learned over the last couple of months (I asked her how to say "thank you" and she said "adios"), but I know she had a really good time. Today Jorge made some ice cream as a special treat for the kids.


The Gould Family said...

I don't know if I would trust Jorge's ice cream. I love that Ellie's glasses.

emmylou said...

Yeah, fortunately I think he just put packaged yogurt in his ice cream machine.

I have to say I was a little worried the first time I saw him with his "Euro-trash" style (I mean that affectionately) but he is amazing with the kids. I had to stay at one of the classes to help and even though I caught a glimpse of some blue, mesh, zebra-print undies peeking out of his pants, I was super impressed with him. Maybe when they get a little older he cant teach the kids about piercings, tattoos and clubbing.

God, I love Austin.