Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Costume Time

Emmylou's Halloween school party and parade were yesterday. I can hardly believe that she never changed her mind and went as a pumpkin as planned! Here are some photos:

And here was the funniest costume we saw at her school:

How does a 4 year old kid know who ZZ Top is? And he likes them so much he wants to be one for Halloween? Maybe he's from La Grange? (Ha, ha!) [Note to Gary: You singing that song every time we pass through La Grange has finally come in handy-I never would've believed it.]

And here are the funniest costumes I've seen in a long time on my friend LuAnn's boys:

If you need to see the original skit (quite possibly my very favorite aside from the Jeopardy skits), you can link to it from this post HERE. Also, I was just reminded of this related post from Dave and Bethany, the Swayze-O-Lantern!

Happy Early Halloween, everybody!


The Gould Family said...

Both of those costumes are hilarious. ZZ Top...omg. The SNL skit...that is one of our favorites too. That is an awesome costume.

LuAnn Glowacz said...

So flattered my disgraced boys made the blog:)

Shelly said...

Cute costume, Emmylou! And the others are HILARIOUS. Made me laugh out loud. Where does she go to school? Looks like a great place.