Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I think we've emerged from the dark side!

Miller's still a little fussy but after trying Mylicon and Gripewater to ease his colic without much success, we shifted strategies and began using something that is working: the 5 S's. The 5 S's are swaddling, shh-ing, swinging, sucking, and side/stomach positioning and are based on the theory that some infants need a fourth "trimester" and that implementing these techniques simulate being back in the womb. Kinda crazy, but at this point I'm willing to do whatever works!

I promise to post some pics of Miller soon- Em's coming over tomorrow morning for a photo shoot- but in the meantime here are a few of Emmylou we've taken recently.

Here she is in a Super Baby onesie (size 6 months) that our friends the Harris's sent to Miller from Baltimore:

And here's a preview of her current Halloween costume choice:

I say "current" because she's already switched from wanting to be Hello Kitty to wanting to be a pumpkin. I'm sure it'll be something else before the holiday actually gets here. She's so excited that she's been taking her favorite "book," the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog with their Halloween costumes in it, to bed with her every night and asking me to read her the "story."

And here's Emmylou in her new blue tutu from the Gould family! They sent this as a big sister gift last month and she wears it all the time, even sometimes during naps.


The Gould Family said...

I'm really glad E loves the tutu and that it fits!

We totally used the 5 s's on V and it works. It's weird, but it works. That guy in the 5 s's video is so creepy -- Dave and I still laugh about him "yell" whispering into the ears of babies.

Glad Miller is feeling better.

Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Its great to hear things are looking a bit brighter!! I've been thinking about you a lot the past couple of weeks. Keep smiling!!

When I get myself organised there will be something in the mail for the wee ones!

Tripp said...

Frick -
I love the superman outfit and I have one too. We should wear them and get together soon. Also, I'm going to be an ARRR for Halloween (Pirate) and baby Tate is going to be a parrot. You can be my pirate princess!

Anonymous said...

Pleased things are getting a little easier for you and Miller.
Emmylou looks super cute even in Miller's superman outfit!
Cannot wait to see what Halloween costume Emmylou finally ends up wearing.


Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Ok, I am organised. There is a present for Miller and Emmylou on its way! I hope they like it as much as Isla loves hers!

LuAnn Glowacz said...

If I had been keeping up, I would have recommended the 5 S's, too. Tyler still sleeps in his swing half swaddled for much of the night and his naps (so did Danny until he was 4 months). It gets a little pathetic after a while, and it is time we ween him from it, but the happiness it creates for the whole family is priceless. Hope it wins you some rest, too. Oh, and we use a humidifier on high (with or without water) for the white noise. Drowns out the sound of toddlers really well. Good luck. Boys can be difficult!