Saturday, November 15, 2008

Emmylou is 32 months old

Dear Emmylou,

Yesterday you turned 2 years, 8 months old. Let me get right to it and fill you in on what you've been doing lately...

First, your imagination is running WILD. There are dinosaurs eating raspberry popsicles all over our house, and also in your "other house" which is conveniently located in the back corner of your room. You like to give whoever comes over a tour of this "other house." You and Daddy still love to have conversations between Mr. Giraffe and Baby Giraffe, your hand puppets, which are nothing more than your bare hands. And, everyday you create elaborate situations for your dolls and animals, usually resembling school activities or things you've seen on TV. The other day you asked Babo if he wanted some fake eyelashes, just like Ruby asks her friends during their pajama party on Max and Ruby. Do you even know what fake eyelashes are?

Not only do I thoroughly enjoy watching your imagination take flight, it also makes things a little easier for me. For example, whenever you ask me for candy (every hour) or your umbrella (every other day), you are actually satisfied when I reach into my pocket and give you an imaginary lollipop or umbrella. Yay! I don't even have to get up off the couch, which is really convenient since I'm holding your brother most of the time.

You are still having a little trouble separating McDonald's Restaurant from Old MacDonald who had a farm. I've tried explaining several times that Ronald McDonald and Old MacDonald are not the same person and that you're not going to find pigs or sheep where you get your cheeseburgers, but I don't think this is a concept you're gonna grasp any time soon. Every time we see the Golden Arches you point and yell, "There's Old MacDonald Had a Farm!"

Your favorite song to swing is "Fweentuh, Fweentuh Wittuh Fah" or what other people might call "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." I still haven't tried correcting your speech because it is so endearing (bad speech therapist mommy!) but it's already improving as you started saying your k's and g's just about a week ago. *Sigh* You are getting so big.

One of the most important things we've been talking about lately are choices. I'd say right now you're about 50/50 in choosing the right thing to do. I usually get a little better success rate when I tell you that one choice will make me angry. Hmmm. You don't like Angry Mommy? Yeah, I know, I don't either...

Lulu, I still think every single day that you are the cutest, sweetest and most entertaining little girl on the planet. I honestly can't imagine my life without you. Thanks for keeping me laughing and for all of those times you say "I love you, Mommy" right out of the blue. They keep me going when the going gets tough. I love you, too.


Emmylou's choice-making

Reminds me of this...

Will she use her powers for good or evil?!


The Gould Family said...

What are you guys watching on the TV? : )

Love the choice making.

Shelly said...

What a great blog entry, I'm all teary! Can't wait to see y'all next week. :)

emmylou said...

Thanks, Shelly, I hope Reese is on the mend!

Bethany, I think that's a Bud Light commercial on the TV. And the fact that I know this indicates that I watch too much TV.

The Gould Family said...

No, it indicates that you need to make better usage of your DVR : )

emmylou said...

I know, I actually use my DVR all the time and rarely see a commercial at all, so the fact that I still know this was a Bud Light commercial is all the more troubling.