Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Hottest Item of the Season: Dog-Poo Barbie!

Yes, you read that right.

Fortunately the person who gave Emmylou the Dog-Poo Barbie doesn't know this blog exists, so I can make fun of it all I want. Yay! Tacky, I know, but yay!

So, here goes...

Here is Barbie and her lovely, large yellow lab, along with the accessories she comes with: a leash (normal), a couple of chew toys (normal), a food bowl (normal), a box of food with pellets (weird, because they double as poo), a large, pink, step-on trash can (very weird), and a magnetized poo-picker-upper stick (unbelievably weird).

Here's a closer look (the dog even looks pretty cute, right?):

Then you make it poo. First, you open the dog's mouth by lifting the tail and force-feeding it a magnetized food/poo pellet:

Then push the dog's tail down and *voila!* the dog poos the pellet!
Then you can use the poo-picker-upper stick (what-- no baggies?!) to put the poo in the trash can.

Repeat for hours of enjoyment.

I know, you secretly want one, don't you?


Kari Lavelle said...

That is so bizarre.

The Gould Family said...

I know so many kids (and possibly adults) who are now gonna get this as a gift.

Leslie said...

Has Emmylou tested the picker upper on the real thing yet?

Shelly said...

Words escape me. Which is rare.

maicher said...

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