Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like mother like daughter

Emmylou and I both were thoroughly confused last week by what they're selling at American Apparel. Aside from the t-shirts and another (maybe) 5% of their inventory, who wears this stuff?

"Look, Mommy, here are those canary yellow bike shorts you've been looking for!"
"Acid washed short-shorts? Awesome, I'll take two pairs!"

"Hmmm... neon brights, gold and silver lamé or the unitard. I want 'em all!"

And, "Everyone's getting a purple fanny pack for Christmas!"



Alex said...

american apparel aside from t-shirts is frightening. seriously, who wants a lame thong unitard? i've seen them in the ads - frightening!

Maury said...


Anonymous said...

I wish I would have known you were going I would have had you pick me up a pair of those disco pants (green), a velour romper (gold)and the purple fanny pack for my Mardi Gras get up. Oh well maybe next time.

Luv ya, Amy

The Gould Family said...

Sweet -- now I know what to get Dave. One of each. Jorts! Jorts! Jorts!

emmylou said...

Amy, you are so right! I never even thought of American Apparel being the best source for Mardi Gras-wear! Looks like I'll have to subject myself to going in there at least once more. But don't worry, I'm NOT buying the unitard.

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