Monday, December 15, 2008

Today's Special Value*

Our friends Chris and April have really outdone themselves on their Christmas card this year.

First, a little background information. Chris and April have only gotten better each year. Last year's card was a photo of April, donning a Santa hat, pulling a tray of gingerbread man cookies out of her oven and about to take a bite of one that had Chris' screaming head superimposed on it. The year before that, they both, dressed in all white, wrapped strands of white lights around themselves and got on all fours in their front yard to pose as lawn reindeer. Yes, genius, I know.

But this year... Chris and April dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus? Way too easy. Hideous Christmas sweaters? Amateur!

If you are a fan of QVC, you might recognize Chris from his segments selling computers for that big computer company he and Gary work for. To incorporate this and the fact that he and April had their first baby (a total cutie!) in July, here's this year's card:

Hilarious, if you ask me.

And to get back to our own kiddos (Gary gets mad if I don't mention them on their own blog for a few posts), we got the Bumbo out after being reminded of it from Chris and April's card.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

*This post is dedicated to my Aunt Jane and any other avid QVC-watchers out there!


The Gould Family said...

That card is awesome.

Tripp said...


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