Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catching up

Dear Miller,

Happy belated 4 month birthday! I'm so excited to see you really growing and changing these days!

You are ALL boy. Strong and feisty, you are already 'walking' your walker around and ever since you turned over for the first time the other day, you can't stay on your back for more than 30 seconds without flipping over. You grab everything with gusto and try to force whatever's in front of you straight into your mouth.

How else are you all boy? Well, the other day when Grammie was changing your diaper, you really let one rip. Then you immediately started cracking up. You also LOVE football. Other than your Baby Einstein DVDs (aka 'Baby Crack'), only watching football will have you calm and happy for long periods of time. We've tried other sports but football seems to be The One.

You are still spitting up so much that I wish I'd invested in a ShamWow a few months ago, but I think your acid reflux is pretty much under control now. You are a sweet, happy, snuggly little guy who loves to talk and laugh and be in the middle of things.

Miller, when I found out you were coming along, I was a little nervous having never been around baby boys before. What would I do with you? I only know girls! But now that you're here it seems so natural and right. I think we're managing just fine. You make me so happy and I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Love always,


Dear Emmylou,

Time flies! It seems as if I was just writing you your last monthly letter! Wait, I was... Okay, so maybe not much has changed in the past couple of weeks except that your personality seems to keep getting dialed up a notch with each passing month, even when I think it's impossible. We are definitely way past 11 by now.

You are all about dressing up and still love wearing your cowboy outfit the most. Boots, ballet shoes, tutus, boas, hats, scarves and gloves: you can't get enough of them. You still really love to play and sleep in your tent but you're also really starting to like games and puzzles more now.

Lately you've been super sweet to your brother. You love to kiss him and make him laugh, which is easy for you to do. He is so happy when you're near him, unless of course you're screaming and waking him up.

As you get older, I can't help noticing how much more sophisticated your speech and language are getting. Now the only sound you really have trouble with is the typical "r," and your language is so complex that it stops me in my tracks at times. You like to explain things by telling me, "well, sometimes things like that happen but not..." You are always telling me how things are different or the same and it kind of cracks me up how you love to scream answers at Diego or Dora on TV when they ask you a question or tell you to say something in Spanish. Cute. Smart.

In short, you are a HANDFUL. But by now it shouldn't be a surprise to hear me say that. It's fun being your mom and I couldn't love you or be more proud of the sweet and spirited little girl you have become.

Love you, Babe.

(I love the look on M's face in this one)

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