Friday, January 16, 2009

First imaginary friend

Emmylou asked me to take a picture of her new parrot, Squawky. She says he sits on her shoulder all day and she likes to share her food with him. His favorite? Why, Pirate's Booty, of course, but he also likes to eat goldfish.
Isn't he an adorable parrot?

Speaking of goldfish, I should report that Daisy (# 2) is no longer with us. According to Emmylou, last week she "stopped swimming." In fact, she stopped swimming for a few days while Mommy waited for Daddy to remove non-swimming Daisy.

Today when Tripp was over and he asked Emmylou where Daisy was, she said, "in the potty." [Cue Elton John belting out, "... and it's the Circle of Life..."]


The Gould Family said...

Love the invisible friend photo.

We're also fans of Pirate's Booty. It's the best stuff every. Semi-healthy white cheddar Cheetos. Hell yes.

Kari Lavelle said...

Please tell Emmylou that Squawky is adorable! I love his beautiful feathers!

Kari Lavelle said...

Excuse me, HER beautiful feathers!