Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picnic Time

Gary got in last night from the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas just in time for me to throw the kids at him and head out the door for dinner at La Traviata and to see Carol Burnett at the Paramount Theater. I know, not too romantic considering Friday was our 10 year anniversary that we spent apart, but we'll celebrate soon.

Gary was so excited to see Emmylou and Miller and decided it'd be fun to order in some bar-b-que and have a picnic on the living room floor for dinner. Would most husbands think of using foil as a picnic blanket or just mine?

And here's a shot of Emmylou in her new frog galoshes. Gary and she had a day together last Sunday and she picked them out as a special treat.

She is such a daddy's girl.

(And yes, she is still insisting on wearing her Halloween shirt in January and yes, I am still choosing to pick my battles.)

By the way, Carol Burnett was hilarious last night. I remember loving her show when I was a kid but didn't fully appreciate the comic genius she is until last night. If you need a good laugh, I suggest clicking here.


Alex said...

that looks like some good bbq.

your couch looks like my dining room table :P

Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Craig would use foil too...less clean up!

Congrats on 10 years!!! I hope you get to celebrate soon :)

The Gould Family said...

Foil is smart. Happy anniversary...and I think we should all wear orange and black year round. Go E for doing it her way.

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