Friday, February 27, 2009

As if more photos were needed...

I stole these from my cousin Amy's FaceBook page (thanks, Amy!).

Emmylou and Jacob on their own float in the backyard:
A few of us taking a rest between parades outside by the fire:

The sign that says it all. Sadly, this may really have been the last year. [sniffle, sniffle]
Emmylou and Jacob:
E's newly discovered talent: balancing a toilet plunger (caught during the Tucks parade) on her head.
Miller working the sign (as if he needed to!):
More silliness in the street from Grammie and Donna Jean:
And a couple of celebrity sightings: Val Kilmer was king of Bacchus (he's the one under that shiny crown),and Eli Manning walking right in front of our house to his dad's house 2 blocks down.

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Shelly said...

How much fun! I have never been to NOLA mardi gras, but I can tell y'all do it RIGHT! :)