Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Confirmed: Too much computer time

One of Emmylou's favorite new things to do is to stand in the middle of our living room and say, "Mommy, use your mouse to help me move from side to side. Press the spacebar to make me jump."

So then I move an imaginary mouse so she can walk around the furniture and I press my imaginary spacebar to make her jump over Miller's toys. Just FYI, my imaginary mouse and spacebar come with sound effects.

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The Buchanans said...

that's really cute! I can just imagine y'all in the living room :)

Isla has already started picking her clothes out too. Its usually not pretty. She likes to accessorize - a lot.

This morning while I was feeding Leah Craig got Isla ready for "school." I was totally impressed with the outfit selection he made. She looked CUTE. She usually looks like a homeless baby when Craig dresses her. When I commented, he then told me she had picked her outfit out.

I knew I hadn't taught him colour coordination over night :)