Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emmylou is 3 years and two months

Dear Emmylou,

Another month has passed us by and you continue to become such a little person with your own thoughts and reasoning and logic. This past month you've really started putting things together and making connections across situations and experiences.

You're working on understanding the concept of time and although you had been telling us things happened "yestertime," I've noticed that lately you're able to pin it down to "yesterday." You love to tell me things happened "last week" or "on Friday" even if they happened only a few hours ago. You are always asking me things like, "do you remember when we were just at the beach?" You seem to be trying so hard to make sense of everything and get it (somewhat) in order.

Your favorite things to do right now are dress up (of course), chew gum, dance and sing and play Grammie's piano. Over the past few days you've become re-interested in your baby doll, who you've named "Muchas Gracias." You've also started retelling your favorite stories, most of them recast with a new heroine named "Emmylou."

You continue to be a great big sister to Miller. You're really helping me more and you want to make sure he has everything he needs. It's been so nice that I can ask you to go and see what Miller wants when he's starting to fuss and not worry that you're going to smother him to death. You really do care about him and I don't think I'll ever forget watching you watching him get his last round of shots at the doctor's office. You were gasping with your hands over your mouth as he got his shots and cried and then you took his hand and told him over and over that it would stop hurting soon and that everything would be okay.

You have such a sweet heart, Emmylou, and even when things are crazy I am grateful for every single day and moment I have with you. You are so worth all the exhaustion, frustration and headaches associated with having a three year old-- I wouldn't trade our time together for anything.

Seriously... couldn't love you more,

With a bucket of "dirt" and worms you made as a special treat for Daddy yesterday:


The Buchanans said...

She sounds like a bundle of fun. I can't wait to see y'all!

So glad to hear the worrying about them smothering our babies with love ends....I can't even make it into the loo without worrying about what Isla is going to do to Leah!

emmylou said...

We can't wait to hang out with you guys!

Oh, and I'm not sure it's Emmylou who's really changed, it's more that Miller is now less fragile and can attempt to roll out of the way when he's confronted by an overly-zealous sister. :-)